J. Robert Gavin JR.,M.D.

Dr. Robert Gavin, Hilton HeadJ. Robert Gavin JR., MD. at the Sport and Spine institute, Hilton Head, SC is recognized as a board certified orthopaedic surgeon for over 20 years, committed to providing innovative and compassionate orthopaedic care-specializing in joint surgery and sports medicine, including advanced shoulder and knee arthroscopy. He is recognized as a Healthgrades Honor Roll physician.

Dr. Gavin and the advanced musculoskeletal center at the Sport & Spine Institute unite diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitative services for optimal patient care, convenience and education.

After graduating from Georgetown University School of Medicine, Dr. Gavin was accepted into the highly competitive St. Lukes/Roosevelt Orthopaedic program in Manhatten, where he received the distinction of Chief Resident.  For over 7 years, Dr. Gavin has been on staff at Hilton Head Hospital as well as the Outpatient Surgery Center of Hilton Head Island.  Prior to that, Dr. Gavin was in private practice for over 10 years in NE Penna and board certified since 1992.

There is Great Strength in Flexibility

It's the end of a long day, which means Dr. Robert Gavin, Jr. is just
moments away from hearing what he calls "the best sound in the
world." Gavin loves what he does, and as an orthopedic surgeon with
more than 20 years of experience he's...

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Gavin Orthopedics Strength In Flexibility




Dr. Gavin's education includes:

  •      Residency - St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital Center, Chief Resident, New York, NY
  •      Fellowship - North Shore University - Cornell Medical Center - Manhasset, NY
  •      Internship - St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, NY
  •     Georgetown University School of Medicine
  •     St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA


Board Status:

  •      American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery - 1992
  •      Re-Certification - 2010


Professional Affiliations:

  •      American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  •      American College of Surgeons
  •      Eastern Orthopaedic Association
  •      Southern Orthopaedic Society


Surgery privileges at the following:

  •      Outpatient Surgery Center of Hilton Head
  •      Hilton Head Hospital

Measuring Quality


Results Matter

Examples of two quality measurement surveys:

  * Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

spacerGavin Surgery Survey

  * Surgery Satisfaction Survey Results

spacerGavin Surgery Survey


Gavin Orthopaedics understands that quality measures give you confidence in the choices you make for your healthcare. Dr. Gavin has two benchmark surveys within his practice to provide feedback on how we are doing. We take pride in our service and pride serving our patients.

When we talk about quality in healthcare, we are generally talking about the patients total experience and health outcomes.  At Gavin Orthopaedics at the Sport and Spine Intitute in Hilton Head, SC, we know that efficient, friendly, compassionate care is an important component of our success, which includes the entire office experience from making an appointment to checkout.

Happy about quality


We are serious about our service standards and our patients overall experience and we constantly guage how we are doing by communicating with our patients and through surveys. Feedback received from our patients provide key elements we use to monitor our quality.

As for health outcomes, how successful a procedure is and how well a patient recovers are the standards utilized when you have an orthopaedic procedure. Positive outcomes include improved mobility and decreased pain; in other words, how fast and well you can get back to doing the things you like to do.  Dr. Gavin constantly evaluates the outcomes of his hip/knee patients after surgery. 

“I have more motion in my hip than in 10 years! Believe it or not, but I’m looking forward to having my knee replaced.” Hip Replacement Patient

What our patients Say










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Hilton Head soccerplayers








We take pride in our patients satisfaction and it shows through the testimonials we have received by our patients. If you are one of our patients we would love to hear what you have to say just send it in and we will publish it!

Here are some of our more recent testimonials...

3/1/13 NK- "I am very happy with my new knee replacement!"

2/12/13 JW- Shoulder pain "Best damn Dr. around"

1/16/13 NK -knee replacement "So grateful all went so well! Thanks a million!!"

1/10/13…"Is there any way we could improve our services for you?"
-----No, very competent Doctor,
-----No, it's great, excellent Doctor.
-----Continue keeping me healthy!!....

8/7/12 RL- Shoulder surgery Shoulder is working wonderfully! Thank you immensely!!

8/2/12 RD-Repaired Achilles tendon____ Doing great, you healed me!

8/1/12 PM- Shoulder surgery Doing great, faster recovery then thought! Thank you Dr. G."

5/4/12 DB - Ankle fracture Feels A LOT! BETTER!!

4/3/12 JF- Broken foot "Thank you for the excellent care by Dr. and staff"

1/4/12 VS- Knee Replacement No Pain, all is well!

10/28/12- AARP F 60+ Excellent, superior success with torn meniscus.

6/28/11 “Thorough, efficient, easy to talk to!”     Dr. Gavin rated excellent in all areas surveyed.60 + y.o  New Patient, 

6/28/11  “Takes time and makes effort to fully explain; help is now outstanding!”  Dr. Gavin rated excellent in all areas surveyed              60+y.o     Male Returning Patient

6/27/11  “Great treatment; compassionate, friendly staff;  don’t change!”  Dr. Gavin rated excellent in all areas surveyed. 60+y.o  Male returning Patient, 
Aetna/Medicare Advantage

6/27/11  “Services are wonderful.  Exam-concern always good"   Dr. Gavin Rated  Excellent in all  areas of survey. 60+y.o    Female  Returning Patient, 
Mutual Of Ohama   

5/12/11 “ACL Made Wonderful. I visited Dr. Gavin for a ACL repair. He was thoughtful and insightful with advice to me in regards to my torn ACL. He encouraged me to rehab prior to my surgery. His knowledge and experience shown through by explaining to me that after the surgery it is imperative to rehab my knee to get the best results. His staff followed up with me and helped me get settled with a physical therapy group.”

5/10/11 “Dr Gavin was one of the best dr's I have been to in a long time. Spent an hour with my son and i explaining his injury, how much time he would need to heal until he could return to sports, etc. We even then saw him out and he not only remembered us but asked how my son was doing! Excellent care, excellent dr!”

5/10/11 “I've seen Dr. Gavin for a variety of sports injuries. He is extremely caring and really takes his time to explain all options to you. I love the fact that he is conservative in his approach and is willing to listen to the patient. I would highly recommend him. If I needed surgery this would be the doctor I would choose without a doubt. He is smart, caring and has a wonderful bedside manner.” 
Insurance: Aetna

5/04/11 “Went for long term shoulder problem. The Dr.took the time to explain in detail the options available to me. Felt he was extremely knowledgeable, caring and would recommend to a family member.”

3/8/11 “I am so grateful for your help when I needed it most….  You were a bright star in a morass of indecisions and worries.” 
MW, HHH  ER Patient

9/20/10  “Excellent care. Took time to explain in detail what was going on. Even walked through MRI and xray results showing before and after and educated me by way of the tests. He came very highly recommended and I agree.” 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield

8/20/10 CM - Hip replacement No pain now!!!!

6/1/10 “Grateful.Dr. Gavin operated on me when he first came to the island at HHI hospital emergency room. A staph infection in my toe ruptured and he saved my foot/leg from being amputated. No guarantee he said, but he cleaned it out, sewed it up and I'm still on my feet thanks to his skills. This was serious as the infection burst over night and was an open wound when I went to the emergency room and thankfully was there to operate and stop the infection.”

5/28/08  “Dr. was very friendly, spent time with me unlike many other doctors who “scoot you through”.  Additionally, he uses the latest technology to track his patients.” 
Insurance:United Healthcare

1/21/07  "“extremely caring and knowledgably, would absolutely recommend!”

“Mr. Berry is doing better than any total knee replacement I have seen at this stage in my 10 years of therapy.”   MC-MSPT

“Absolutely wonderful, I would recommend Dr. Gavin to anyone!”  NB (Knee replacement patient)

“After 4 joint replacements, this knee replacement was the shortest recovery time…within 4 weeks I was playing golf!”  FP  (knee replacement patient)

“No pain now, I’m back to doing what I’ve always wanted to do!” WT(hip replacement patient)

“I have more motion in my hip than in 10 years!  Believe it or not, but I’m looking forward to having my knee replaced.”   AR (hip replacement patient)

“I’m back to my lifestyle—tennis, golf, stairs, gardening and working out—with no pain”.  DS (knee replacement patient)

“There is no one anywhere- when I go into a medical office- where the Doctor and his medical staff is as caring, professional and just plain nice…Dr. Gavin is wonderful to work with, he takes the time to explain things in detail.”   JI  (hip replacement patient)



Cutting Edge Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery

"Cutting Edge Techniques In Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine."
By J. Robert Gavin Jr. MD

May 28, 2013

Your arm or shoulder has been hurting for weeks. That "pop" you heard in your knee is starting to bother you. Maybe that last tennis match or shooting some hoops has left you wondering if you may have torn or damaged cartilage.

When people think of seeing an orthopaedic specialist, they immediately think of surgery. Fortunately, many orthopaedic and sports medicine problems can be corrected with conservative treatments such as physical therapy, injections, bracing, rest or activity modification. If these nonsurgical treatments fail, below are brief descriptions of several of the latest techniques which have been proven to increase both patient satisfaction and results with surgery.

1) Subcondroplasty - Although the knee is one of the strongest joints in the body, inflammation inside the bone of the knee can cause serious pain. After determination by clinical examination and MRI, subcondroplasty, a minimally invasive surgery may be recommended. This surgery consists of creating an access portal into the bone and filling the area with a bone substitute that sets and rejuvenates new, healthy bone to replace the defect.

2) Knotless Rotator Cull Repair - This procedure gives the ability to save time and eliminate the possibility of shoulder pain due to knot impingement. Knotless sutures consistently provide a more dependable strength, especially for more robust repairs as opposed to traditional techniques. Larger tears may be more solidly fixated using double row knotless anchors.

3) Personalized Total and Partial Knee Replacement - With a total knee replacement, the entire surface has to be removed, but with a partial you get to keep up to 75% of your healthy knee-for a more rapid recovery with less pain and a more natural motion. The "Personalized" knee replacement technique is based upon your specific anatomy for the best fit. In addition to X-rays, an MRI of your knee is utilized, in conjunction with computer software creating a 3D image of your unique knee joint. This greater level of detail and precision allows for more patient specific positioning of knee implants.

4) Robotics and Technology - The future of orthopaedics and sports medicine will be on the focus of techniques which enhance accuracy and efficiency, such as robotics. These surgeon guided machines may increase exact precision and consistent reproducibility for technically difficult procedures. For example, surgeons use some robots to pre-operatively plan and map the areas of diseased bone to be removed. During surgery, 3-D visualization and a robotic arm provide the surgeon with visual, tactile, and auditory feedback so only diseased bone is resurfaced, sparing healthy bone stock. Some of the benefits include a more "natural" feeling knee after surgery and most importantly a rapid relief from pain and shorter hospital stay.

At Gavin Orthopaedics, only after conservative treatments fail, my goal is to successfully treat your injuries with the most current, proven procedures and minimize your time away from the sports and lifestyle you love.

"...I have seen several doctors here and one at Duke but my knee now says I have never been treated by anyone as effective as you.  For someone as active as I have been it is a real blessing to again be able to play my game of golf without any knee pain.  Will soon be in again to see you regarding my left hip.  A happy patient." RCB

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